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New York, New York!

We made the four hour or so drive from Boston to New York and arrived in our Manhatten apartment on East 29th Street, and we were greeted by a friendly doorman at our building each and everytime we passed through. The apartment was far bigger then we were expecting and slept all 5 of us comfortably and was amazingly well placed to see the sights in the upcoming days.

Yankee Stadium - Yankees v Mariners
We took a stroll down to the nearest subway station and headed into the Bronx. Not hard to get lost here.... If so, follow the massive crowds wearing Yankee clothing, and even the stadium has its own subway stop! The game itself, I thought, was amazing. The stadium itself is enormous, and feels like a colosseum in the way that it's designed. The game started at 1pm and we were siting in the bleachers, in the direct heat which was intense. But all in all, it was a great day and the Yankees won!
Our first subway experience was quite smooth and I was impressed with how the system works through out the whole week we were there.

Empire State
We climbed the empire state building at nighttime to see the city lights and it didn't disappoint, truly an amazing part of the world and the view from there was incredible.

9/11 Ground Zero
An emotional trip to ground zero of the twin towers had its affect on me personally. I felt a great amount of pride and sadness for those emergency workers who risked there lives to save others, and many of them perished themselves in doing so. The memorial that is built in the shape of two large waterfall pools is a truly fitting tribute to a tragic moment in history. I took the time here to personally think a lot, and it certainly made me think and appreciate what I have in my life.

Times square
What touristy place wouldn't be complete without some jerk chasing after you, either trying to get you to go somewhere, or to guess which part of Australia you are from; Sydney or Melboune is it apparently!?? Aaron and I got a new baseball cap with special engraving on the side. And we all visited the massive toys r us and M&M world to fulfil the child inside us all

The Lion King
What an amazing show, I enjoyed every minute of it and it was well worth the money and the amazing amount of expensive cocktails I drank!

Central Park
My favorite day in New york. We hired bikes for 25 bucks for the day and rode around the entire park for the whole day. Was so much fun and was actually good to do some exercise! The park itself was beautiful, lunch by the lake on a beautiful day, what more could you want??

Ill be here all day if I keep going with what else we did..... That's not even half of it. Overall, new York - big thumbs up! Off to Hawaii for some R & R before heading home! Aloha

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The travel to Boston included a full day of flying over two flights and the with the time difference, we arrived after midnight.
We arrived at the apartment and climbed the crazy stairs and went straight to bed exhausted after a long day.

Day two took us to Fenway Park for the Red sox v Twins...and not much else!! Boston was a chance to catch up on sleep and relax on our large deck with some ice cold Bud Lites. We even watched Batman at the cinemas to complete the relaxation. Overall Boston seemed like a cool place but we didn't generally do much.

Highlight of the trip for everyone (apart from me)..... My bag bursting open at the luggage claim at the airport and my dirty undies and socks falling onto the floor and carousel.... Great... NOT!

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Vegas baby!

The bellagio penthouse suite..... What can I say, it was the size of my house and pure luxury. I completely loved my time in Vegas, and was disappointed to leave the suite and the strip after three days. We visited a few casinos during the stay and I won about $2600 on the last night!

Vegas by night is a truley spectacular sight...from the bellagio fountains to the treasure island show, the lights and signs and the people trying to take you to strip shows or night clubs, Vagas has it all!

At the end of it, it was a limo ride to the airport for destination Boston! Long day of flying ahead.

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Road trip to Vegas

The drive from San Francisco to Las Vegas, although quite a lengthy one over two days, was truly amazing. I've never seen scenery quite like it, and the scenery changed drastically over the two days. It started off driving through large pine trees and logging style houses, and then turned into vast mountains and canyons. The second day of the drive took us to Death Valley which was a pretty awesome sight. It reached 116 degrees in the desert, lucky we had our comfy dodge!

We arrived in Vegas and checked into our penthouse suite as VIPs, let the fun begin!

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San Francisco

I arrived in San Francisco and was greeted by a freezing city... By far the coldest place I've been too, doesn't seem like summer at all, and I didn't plan for cold weather when I packed. I met up with Aaron, Jess, Hannah and Tammy and set off to the car hire place..


Our booked car wasn't there, so they upgraded us to a Dodge Charger, so cool! Headed off in our new wheels and checked in at our crappy crowded hotel room!

Day 2 in SF - we went on our prebooked tour of Alcatraz which was an awesome day, such cool history and an awesome view of the city from the island

Day 3 took us down to Santa Cruz, which was by far my favorite day of the trip so far. We spent the whole day at the theme park on the boardwalk. Was such an amazing place, although once again it was freezing!! So much fun though, I went on the big dipper roller coaster five times. We all turned mega tourists and each bought a Santa Cruz hoodie to fight the cold.

Our last day in San Fran was relaxing before going to see the Giants V Dodgers baseball game at AT&T Park. The first baseball experience for the other guys, and it was fun sharing and explaining what was happening.

We did take a rather fun trip to see the 'Metallica headquarters' for Tammy. When we got there Tammy soon Realised that it was a big secret and no one was allowed in. A chick with tattoos that we saw leave the building even lied to us about what was inside, saying she didn't know but then we saw her go back in!! Funny story to tell, probably don't do it justice on here though.

Saturday is the start of our road trip to Vegas!!! Can't wait, the next entry will be from the penthouse at the Bellagio!!

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