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The next part of the trip took me to Anaheim and the classy Holiday Inn. I really liked Anaheim, it was a bit more quiet then LA but had some really nice surrounding suburbs.
Sunday night I went to the baseball at Angels Stadium to see the LAA Angels V Texas Rangers. Was an awesome game with the Angels winning 7-4 and there were 4 home runs - and I got Bobby Wilson's home run ball!!! Woo!
Monday morning I got up early and hired a car and drove around the city for a bit before heading to Disneyland.. Driving was quite a challenge and pretty fun! Disneyland was packed and crazy. Didn't really enjoy waiting in hour long lines. I ended up leaving a bit early and went and saw another baseball game, this time the Angels v Royals. The angels won again and I bought some pretty cool Angels gear.

Tuesday morning I was up early for my flight to San Francisco, where I meet up with Aaron, Jess, Hannah and Tammy. Looking forward to seeing people!!

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Photos from phone - help!

All my photos are on the camera... Where do I buy an adapter so I can read the photos from memory card on iPad!!

Anyways, here's a few from my phone
90_UploadedFile1.jpg UploadedFile0.jpg

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Los Angeles - Days 1-3 of the Trip

sunny 30 °C

I'm writing to you from sunny LA on a Saturday afternoon from Santa Monica beach! It's a lovely 28 degrees and the weather has been beautiful. Since landing on LA on Thursday I've really grown to love this place - Its quite amazing, with some unique icons and scenery that makes this place special. I'll go through my activities from each day.

Day 1: Thursday 19th July

Landed in LA around 10am, about an hour ahead of schedule due to a friendly wind on the flight. Speaking of the flight... How good is 3 seats to yourself, a TV, USB cable port to charge the iPad on the go, and all the alcohol they wanted to feed me!

I caught a cab to my hotel in Downtown LA. The Omni hotel has been great, excellent service and beautiful room. The surrounds however are not great. Upon checking in I had a small nap and then set out for a walk around Downtown. Upon the first 300 Metres I had seen about 5 homeless people. On the corner on 5th and Grand I saw one male slumped against a wall... I figured he was sleeping, but I heard on the news later that he had been stabbed and died - one of 3 stabbings in LA that day as a crazy homelessman goes just that.... Crazy. I took it easy for the rest of the day and checked out the TV - loving having a dedicated baseball channel!!

Day 2: - Friday 20th July

I got up early and set off on the train to Universal city. The train cost 1.50 and wasn't to bad. I arrived at universal city and did some shopping at some cool stores before heading into the Universal Stuidos theme park. I ended up buying a VIP pass at some cost - but I later found out truly how worth the money it was!! I met up with a group of 11 fellow VIPs who I spent the day with. A family from Texas, a family from Canada, and a couple from Perth. The day at Univeral Studios was one of the best days I've ever had - so much fun.

For those who know me well... Heights and roller coasters are not my cup of tea. However, I conquered everything this day. I went on the mummy ride, the transformerss ride, the Jurassic park ride, the Simpsons ride amongst many others. I had a blast on these rides, sometimes I surprise myself! The rest of the day as a VIP was cool. I got to have a full buffet lunch, and went into many sound stages and sets from TV shows. I even got to watch a little bit of them filming CSI! I saw Seth Rogen hanging around and saw the CSI cast.

About 3pm I left and went next door to Warner Brothers for the taping of the Ellen show! The special guests for the show were Cameron Diaz, Jennifer Lopez, and John Mayer. The show itself was cool and went quick. I was a little disappointed with Ellen as she didn't hang around after the show, but I can understand why!! Those ladies in the crowd are nuts!!!!!

After the show I went back to Universal and flashed my VIPness and got back in - and went on all the rides again!! So much fun. I headed home after wandering around Universal city for a bit - but not before getting to sit in Batmans new car from the new movie! Pretty cool!

Day 3: Saturday 21st July

Today I did a tour of Hollywood and its surrounds. A cool tour on a nice air conditioned bus - especially nice as it was the hottest day by far here... The mercury getting into the 90s Fahrenheit. After the tour they took us to the beach which Is where I am now... I've got an hour and then we head back.

Tomorrow I check out and head to Anaheim. Going to see the Rangers V Angels baseball game tomorrow. Should be fun!!

Until next time, ciao!

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The adventure begins!

sunny 18 °C

In less then 24 hours I fly out to America to begin an exciting adventure!

Its currently a mild 18 degrees in Sydney, a nice winters day with blue sky. When I land in LA, it will be a warm 28 degrees!

You can follow my adventure on here by reading my blog entries. Feel free to add some comments and let me know some places I should visit as I move around the country!

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